Dec 12, 2007

Modern Dolls' House - 1930

I love this "Modern Dolls' House - 1930" from the Museum of Childhood's collection of Dolls' Houses. This is from their website:

"This is one of a group of dolls' houses made by the company Lines Bros. of Merton, Surrey whose trademark was Tri-ang. Lines Bros. were keen to keep up with modern styles, the most innovative example of their products being the Modern house. It was described by the manufacturers as having an 'ultra-modern design' because of its flat roof and geometric design. By the 1930s, architecture was widely influenced by the work of architects such as Mies van der Rohe (the last director of the Bauhaus), Le Corbusier and Erno Goldfinger, whose concerns were with economical and flexible use of space and materials."

(photo from Museum of Childhood)

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