Jan 1, 2008

The Green Dollhouse Project

The Green Dollhouse Project was a traveling exhibit and auction benefiting Coyote Point Museum and Sustainable San Mateo County that happened between 2004-05. All of the dollhouses except two were auctioned off. Two are supposed to be on permanent display at the Coyote Point Museum in San Mateo, CA. Below are pictures from the website, but I highly recommend the book available for $19.95 from EcoTone Publishing Company: Green Dollhouse: Creating a Doll’s Eye View of a Healthier World. It is full of pictures, great building tips and interesting student designs.

This is my favorite: "Green Condo with Roof Garden" by Yasuo Tokuoka, Teruhiko Makita, Ziro Mitsumoto (Tokyo, Japan).

This room box approach allows the house to take a variety of shapes. "Pre-fab Mod Dollhouse" by Andrea Traber Architecture + Sustainability: Andrea Traber, Alexandra Vondeling, Monica Grau, Piper Kujac (Berkeley, CA).

"Shoebox Dollhouse", "Rosaceae Sustainus" and I believe a student design I can't find the name of.

"Remodeled Dollhouse", "Mobile Dollhouse" (yup, its on wheels) and "The Bamboo Loft".

(All images from greendollhouse.org)

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