Feb 28, 2008

Modern Miniaturists

I'm assuming that if you stumbled across this blog you have also visited my two favorite blogs by Mini Modern and The Shopping Sherpa. Its easy to spend hours getting sucked into their worlds. I read Mini Modern's entire blog one night which led me create this one. Thank you both for the inspiration!

Along my miniature travels, I came across Modern Dollhouse on Geocities, that has lots of pictures of modern dollhouses. I was pleasantly surprised to see it recently updated with a link to a website they are creating ModernDollHousesAndMiniatures.com. They have some great links I was unaware of.

Some of my favorite Mini Modern pics:

Some of my favorite Shopping Sherpa pics:

(All images from Mini Modern and The Shopping Sherpa.)


Camille Minichino said...

Terrific moderns.
I've been looking for something like this. I can't get anything further when I click on "extreme modern" however.

Margaret Grace
author of "Murder in Miniature"

pearl1003 said...

wow... nice rooms.. how i wish i could get one dollhouse for myself too.