Aug 14, 2008

Contemporary Ranch Dollhouse on eBay

Here is another eBay find "Vintage Cedar Wooden Ranch Style Contemporary Dollhouse". Definitely a little dusty, but I love the open floor plan. I'm adding this to my list of possible next houses to build.

"Up for auction is Model No. 101 Dollyhome Dollhouse. The Dollyhome came in two sizes. This was the larger model of two models, 24-1/4” wide, 42-1/8” long, and 12” high. The “Dollyhome” doll house was manufactured by Child Life Toys, Inc., 2310 Rainier Avenue, Seattle 44, Washington (pre-zip code address, pre-1963), probably 1950s. The Dollyhome doll house is made of Western Red Cedar, and is a true Ranch Style Contemporary home complete with a kitchen and bath. The original retail list price was $14.95 for the house. I think this maybe a VERY RARE item. I have searched and searched the internet and could not find anything on Dollyhomes." Auction ended Aug-16-08. Sold for $76.

(All images from eBay listing)


callsmall said...

Hi there! I just bought a house on Ebay that looks EXACTLY like this one. The owner has had it since 1960 or so -- it was purchased by her grandmother. the completed listing is here: Item # 330303293822. It looks very similar! I'll blog on it when it gets to me. Great blog!

gate valves said...

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