Nov 29, 2009

More Kaleidoscope Houses on ebay

Aww shucks, I should have guessed as it is the holiday season... two more Kaleidoscope Houses are up on ebay. One even new in box, excuse me while I wipe up the drool.

New in box in Sacramento (pictured above), ships worldwide (I could've driven to pick it up, d'oh!) ebay auction.

Used, no cracks but white plastic is yellowed, in Seattle. ebay auction.

I'll definitely be watching to see what these goes for. I've read that in the box houses have gone for $2,000. I bowed out on the ebay auctions last December when K Houses went for $800-$900. I thought winning mine at $355 was a steal after the prices last year, so I'll be sad if these go for less than that. Guess it just depends on who is online this week. 6 days left.

Unassembled in box... aww that would have been awesome. If anyone reading wins these, please post LOTS of pictures!!!

Update: Callsmall started a Flickr Group for Kaleidoscope House owners and fans - post some pics when you are ready! Thanks callsmall!!


callsmall said...

I know it's hard not to have buyer's remorse, but put it aside as you await your treasure! And $355 is pretty darn good (I paid $450 for mine, if that makes you feel any better!)

Toronto furniture rental said...

I'm interested in K houses also. I like that design very much. I think that the design has changed quite a lot recently. However, the price nowadays seems to be much higher than before. But on the other hand we should expect that crisis might have influence on the final price and press it little bit down.

Best regards,

pueppilottchens-spielzeug-blog said...

yes - wow!!! unassembled in box... that´s a collectors dream come true!!! but would you unpack it?? i don´t know. i´ll be watching the auctions, too :)


Mini Dork said...

Thanks callsmall. I'm just hoping that the crack in mine isn't too noticeable. I couldn't find it in the pictures, but I'm sure that's why less people bid on it. Your looks perfect in your pictures.

I'm guessing we'll see more of these on ebay, it will be interesting to see what they go for this year.

callsmall said...

You know, you could bid on it and have two...! And you can save on shipping while driving! Heck, I drove from NJ to Chicago for a house!!! You may not want to listen to me, probably not the best to dispense advice when it comes to mini-dom :) PS- I'm glad my hosue looks good, but it has lots crayon marks and is squeaky at a lot of the joints. No cracks...yet. You'll see the house is so beautiful that you won't care about a crack.

callsmall said...

I started a Flickr Group for Kaleidoscope House owners and fans - post some pics when you are ready!

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