Jan 10, 2010

Thank you Writing Sideways

Back in November I asked if anyone had the September 2007 issue of Dollhouse Miniatures with the article on Henry Colbert. Lo and behold, Writing Sideways of everyminithing.blogspot.com said she would be willing to scan and send me a copy. I was expecting a few photos but was extremely surprised to see a 6 page spread with gorgeous color photos, detailed article and Henry's email!!! I will post images and details tomorrow, but wanted to send a HUGE THANK YOU Writing Sideways. It truly made my year!
I'll try not to drool on it too much before scanning all of the pages and posting photos tomorrow.


Messycrafter said...

Wonderful. I had that issue and lost it in overseas shipment. I'll be so glad to see the article (and pictures) again.
Thank you.


Mini Dork said...

Welcome Messycrafter! The pictures and story are great. Sorry your copy never made it to you, but I'll make a PDF of the article so you can download the whole thing.