Apr 16, 2010

dreaming of Paris - FR8 House

Oh Paris, what will you think of next? I will be updating my earlier post with Paris's latest miniature masterpiece the FR8 House. LOVE THE NAME!

Modern MC added a link to his latest pictures on her blog minimodern.blogspot.com, I swear she is the first to know everything.

The FR8 House images are quite drool worthy. I'm astounded by Paris's eye for details. I love the bathroom lines, the artwork, the angle of the rooftop glass railing/half wall, the incredible staircase, I just want to move right in. Thank you Paris!

The angle of the second level pods reminded me of the VitraHaus in Germany on the Vitra Campus.

(all images for Paris's website m112podsbyprd.shutterfly.com and Vitra.com)


Ana Anselmo said...

ow, beautiful and inspiring! I love his pieces!!!!

dora said...

Oh!, wonderful. It is very real.
A Carmen hug