Apr 20, 2010

Vintage Mini-Modern Dollhouse on eBay

Sigh, another reason I wish I lived in NY and had more disposable income. This handcrafted 1:12 scale, 4 foot x 4 foot base, approximately 2 feet high is available for pick up only with a starting bid of $850 on ebay.

(Thanks for the info TSS!) The dollhouse plans were designed by architect Ira Grandberg in 1976. The eBay listing does not credit the builder or when it was built, but it looks like it was built using Ira's plans. I like the wallpaper, could loose some of the flooring, but this house is pretty incredible. I'm not sure I'd call it the "The Ultimate Vintage Mini-Modern Dollhouse" but they did, and here are the details from the ebay listing.

A dollhouse of this design (not this house, but the original) was built in 1976 and presented to the museum of the city of new york and is part of their famous dollhouse collection.

This house features:
Clean lines and varied spaces waiting to be furnished
All the roof pieces and second-story bedroom section lift off
Herringbone design real brick pathway to front door
Garage has small slate threshold
Pergola with potting bench
Entrance hall and stairs
Gallery / solarium with skylight
Living room
Dining room
Powder room
Pantry / bar
Kitchen with skylight
Master bedroom
Bathroom on second story with small hallway
Passageway from garage to kitchen has skylight
Textured grass base landscaped with 2 trees
Windows of various sizes some glazed some not
Wallpapered and finished flooring throughout

Again, it's local pickup only in Brooklyn, New York. Rats!

(all images from bigbus390's ebay listing)


Ascension said...

Que preciosidad!!!!
Y cuantas posibilidades tiene!!!
besitos ascension

AMCSviatko said...

This house looks suspiciously like the Ira Greenburg designed house, the plans for which were published in The Woman's Day in 1976...

(Let me know if you'd like a scan...)

Mini Dork said...

Ascension - Glad you like it. :)

TSS - Ah ha, that makes much more sense. I just updated my post. I would LOVE a scan of the plans. THANKS!

Jean Reynolds said...

I have a .pdf of the house plans, plus a scan of the booklet of instructions for the original furnishings and accessories.

Mini Dork said...

OMG Jean!!! Thank you so much! I just got the PDFs and will check them out tonight! THANK YOU!!!

Unknown said...

I have this dollhouse (well, different dollhouse built using the same plans) and the original plans. Anyone interested should please email me at minniepins at gmail dot com