Nov 30, 2007

More chairs

Dollhouse Miniature Designer Chair Le Corbusier: Chaise Longue & Double Grand Couch

I think I have enough chairs for now, considering I have no place to put them. I found these at eTraders place. I'll have to wait for them to arrive from Singapore again, but now I have the couch to match my chair.


Anonymous said...

I have gone overboard on the purchase of these chairs!! More stores in U.S. beginning to offer:, you need to search for miniature chairs; an eBay store -- Grandma Holly's House has several volumes. Reasonable prices, can buy individual chairs, and shipping is more reasonable than from overseas. Have purchased several from The Park Life Store in San Francisco but the miniatures are not on their website.

Mini Dork said...

I know what you mean. At this point I need to build a dollhouse chair museum. More modern couches please!

Anonymous said...

If you like the miniature Wassily Sofa and Chair they are on the DeJoux Miniatures site -- have to search for Wassily.