Feb 28, 2008

berkpanada on flickr

berkpanda has lots of dollhouses and roomboxes on flickr decorated in a variety of styles. These two caught my eye.

Modern urban apartment
"Doll in orange is a Leggo doll. Male standing doll is by Katy Sue dolls of the UK. The the couch and chair set and the Noguchi coffee table are from the shop of the Tee Ridder Miniatures Museum of the Nassau County Museum of Art. The chair that the Leggo doll is sitting on is from the London Dolls House company. The wall clock is by Ruthie G. The modern sculpture is an earring from the Hirshhorn Museum shop." - berkpanda

Art Deco-Flapper Room
"The doll is a Christmas ornament. I got the bedroom furniture at a miniature show. The leather chair at the left is from another wonderful dollhouse shop that no longer exists, the London Dolls House company." - berkpanda

(All images and content from berkpanda's flickr page.)

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