Feb 28, 2008

Classic Modern by Brio

Brio made designer dollhouse furniture?!?
The Brio Scanditoy Mobilia designed classic miniatures in the Sixties and Seventies, including this Arne Jacobsen coffee table and Swan chair. These were for sale on classic-modern.co.uk for 60 GBP. I'm guessing these sold already, but you could drop an inquiry to info@classic-modern.co.uk.

I would love to have the dollhouse pictured in the Brio advertisement. The Swedes always come up with the greatest stuff. (That girl looks so thrilled with her dad showing off the furniture.)

I believe this Arne Jacobsen red couch and chair were sold on www.antik-i.com for $116 a piece.

(Arne Jacobsen blue chair and table, and Brio Dollhouse Advert images from classic-modern.co.uk. Red Arne Jacobsen couch and chair images from www.antik-i.com.)


Anonymous said...

The dollhouse dad's playing with looks like a Lundby to me, fairly common as far as modern houses go. I believe they're made in an odd scale - 1/14?

Mini Dork said...

It totally looks like a Lundby, but I had never seen this "Brio" version. I really want the green living room furniture.

I have yet to post a ton Lundby links and pics, I'll find time one of these days. I absolutely adore the classic and modern Lundby homes and furniture, but I'm trying to stick with 1:12. I believe the vintage Lundby is 1:16 (3/4" = 1 foot). Many manufactures from the 50's-80's (Barton, Lundby, Tri-ang, Gee-Bees and Dol-Toi) built dolls homes in 1:16. The newer Lundby (Småland and Stockholm) is 1:18. Someday I'll have a Lundby in my collection... that is, when I actually have a collection.

AMCSviatko said...

For a full brio catalogue from 1970 go here:


Unfortunately it's a Flash site so you'll need to hit "Old catalogues", scroll through all the Lundby ones (don't stop! you'll be stuck there forver and right at the bottom is Brio.

You can often find Brio cheaper on Swedish eBay (www.Tradera.com) but you'll need to have a bit of a linguistic bent to be able to learn "dolls house Swedish"!

And here are some lovely (I think) pictures of the mini Series 7 chairs:


AMCSviatko said...

Oh, btw: that house is definitely a Brio. I have it :-)

Mini Dork said...

Thanks for the links!

I might just have to brush up on my Swedish.

I've been to that site but got stuck in Lundby Land. Too much great stuff to look at. Thanks for the tip. Ahh, that's where your kitchen is from!

Also, I love your chairs! :)

ISOTTA said...

The dollhouse the dad is playing with was my house when i was a child thirty years ago
I think it is not lundby and it is from the late seventies
please if you know more about the house send me a mail at igrainebleu@hotmail.com
znks a lot