Mar 22, 2010

Haute Dollhouse by Michael Williams

The other day CallSmall used some Barbie vases by Jonathan Adler which reminded me that I never posted these pictures... Michael Williams,, inspired by the Jonathan Adler catalogue built these dioramas, some of which were published in Haute Doll Magazine May/June 2009 issue. Barbie manages to score all of the cool modern stuff, but seriously, I wish my dollhouse looked like this.

The "OOAK Jonathan Adler diorama" features dining & living room furniture by Randall Craig Home (I blogged about this collection here) with custom cushions by Kolkman Kreations. I love the mirrored starbursts on wall which are Christmas ornaments Michael found at Hobby Lobby.

Of course I love the "Black & White Living Room", the wallpaper is fabulous and I love the use of beads as accessories on the shelf below the china.

In the "RED, WHITE & BLUE living room" you'll recognize the Kaleidoscope Dollhouse and Re-Ment accessories.

The "LIGHT BLUE CIRCLES living room" has to be my favorite. I am a sucker for shiny objects. The George Nelson-style wall clock is made of metal ring, foam core circle, push pins and paper cutout hands. Be sure to check out all of the photos on Michael's flickr page as they have credits for where he found all of these goodies.

(all images from Barbie Loves Jonathan Adler! flickr set and on flickriver)


pueppilottchens-spielzeug-blog said...

Wow!!! Soooo coool!!


callsmall said...

Thanks for posting this! I LOVE his photos, so detailed and fab. And I love those Adler vases, and use them a lot. Have you purchased the Adler/Barbie accessories at all? I had to buy them separately from the doll.

Mini Dork said...

Nicola, my thoughts exactly. :)

Callsmall, the Adler/Barbie accessories are on my list, when my dollhouse spending embargo is lifted. :) I will probably get them without the doll as well.

After "attempting" to photograph my new KHouse living room, I have a much greater appreciation for quality photos like these. There is a lot more to lighting, layout, angles and camera settings than I had imagined. I'm fixing the lighting in photoshop, but should be able to post photos tonight.

Lisa said...

Wow! Very cool!