Nov 9, 2009

Thank you Altera!

Yes, I have been offline for awhile, but I cried when I saw Altera's post from June on the availability of Kaleidoscope sets on eBay again. It seemed like all of the Jasper Morrison white sofas were gone, but low and behold one popped back up and now I finally have my Bozart Kaleidoscope White Living Room. THANK YOU ALTERA!!!! I've been trying to win this set since the month I started this blog, but had given up recently. Happy days, oh happy days!


Pubdoll said...

Congratulations on finally getting the living room set! The set is just beautiful and sometimes I'm really tempted to buy a 1:12 scale doll's house, instead of just the ones in 1:16th scale, so I can get Bozart furniture and reac chairs for it :-)

callsmall said...

Congrats! There has been a rush of Bozart accessories for the past few months, and I think we all have benfitted!

Mini Dork said...

Ha! Pubdoll, your collection makes me want to get a 1:16 scale house! But I figure I have to get my 1:12s built first so I have somewhere for my furniture to live.

Callsmall - now I'm debating picking up multiple sets, if they keep coming up on ebay. I've seen this living room go for $90, so I was happy to grab it for $45. I've been surprised at the prices on some of the other sets, as I know I paid more for them.

My Realitty said...

Are the sets with the dog difficult to come by? I've only seen it once. Thanks C

Mini Dork said...

Mr Realitty,
Head over to ebay now, there are two up if you search under "Bozart Dog" there are two



If those are gone, search under "Bozart" and wade through all of the results, I saw a few others, but one started at $110. Yikes.

Altera said...

LOL. A belated congrats! I'm glad others got to reap the windfall of K-House items on ebay!